artist:Sera Waters

description:embroidery/site-responsive interdisciplinary installation

location:Peel Street, Adelaide, Seedling Art Space, Blackwood Forest & around Mount Gambier

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010




photo credits

above:Sarah Eastick, below Lisa Harms





artist statement:

On the screen a pool of blood or the glint of a shiny weapon triggers awareness that violence lurks near. In life, at the butcher’s, in the kitchen, around a BBQ or in a quiet picnic spot, spilt blood and sharp implements are the norm. While still full of potential menace or harm, they are also the detritus and tools of tending, crafting, gatherings, and dutiful love. Like a butcher finely dissecting a carcass, a parent slicing a juicy rare steak, or life’s messy spills, these stitched blood puddles, splatters and faux glints are dripping with what-if’s, sacrifice, love, and violent acts.


Sera Waters 2009




near Hells Hole




in the vicinity of the Blue Lake


the Moving Wounded


Meat and three Veg


the creaking forest






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