artist:Sasha Grbich

description:on & off-site participatory project with map

location:Peel Street, Adelaide & somewhere in the back-streets of Adelaide

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010





artist statement:

Title: The small pleasure of throwing something knowing it will break.

Materials: Plaster, Objects: fake flowers, enamel, dimensions variable, various locations around Adelaide and map


This is a project about the small pleasure of throwing something, knowing it will break.

I like making lists, so this project could also be called: When Somebody Hurts You, Screaming in the Car, or Things to let go of. I dedicate it to anyone who has been driven to the point of bursting. I create an enameled, shiny surface over the form of flowers in full bloom, frozen at the point of breaking and spilling. I hope these objects hold trace of beauty, violence and stillness.

I like to put things in public space, for the passers by, and to sit well with other bits of street art. These objects (seemingly tough and solid) are affixed to the wall in an impermanent way, eventually they will fall off and smash, get washed into gutters or covered up by the next layer.


Sasha Grbich 2010




above "Mountains" installation


staircase wall, Peel Street


beer garden, Grace Emily Hotel




Register Street, off Hindley


darkened window, Light Square



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