artist:Sarah Eastick


video/photographic installation

postcards of where he has been


ViewMasters series 1

playgrounds at night


Viewmasters series 2

in and around Royal Adelaide Hospital


location:Peel Street, Adelaide

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010


(photo credits: Sarah Eastick 2010)




view:video detail | installation


artist statement:

I never intended to create works dealing with the fragility of the human body but after much time subconsciously avoiding the facts, it became clear I could only create work from personal experience. My father had renal failure 21 of the 23 years of my life. It wasn′t until witnessing his recent transplant, seen now through the eyes of an adult, that I began to grasp the true extent of what he endured. It is through my interdisciplinary practice that I have takled idea surrounding illness, childhood, resilience and acceptance. Through photograhing my father I′ve been able to mentally tie together his physical appearance with the irrepressible man I'd always known. In creating this work, I′ve been able to revisit experiences from the last 21 years and see them in a new light for what they were; confusing, peculiar, frightening and everything in between.


Sarah Eastick 2010




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