artist:Sally Parnis

description:ongoing drawing project

locations:Peel Street, Adelaide

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010


4 days of drawing

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artist statement:

Drawing is curious, risk taking, error tolerating1, finish resisting2, and "pregnant"3 with possibilities.

I wrote that last year, and I meant it. I love drawing. Drawing comes first before anything, before the thing is spent and finished, delivered and done. I love drawing, but I need to be with people around me (‘my others’). This needing is not always through desire, although duty can grow into desire, and love can be duty.
This is my project, bringing drawing to my others, or maybe others to my drawing. I call it “drawing with” but my other doesn’t usually draw, even when I invite them.  I draw, and my other talks, or writes, or sips, or watches, or plays, or lies sick or sleeping.
Drawing enables me to be with, and to see deeply. This type of drawing demands nothing except time.
For the format collective project I have focused on one special ‘other’, I’ll call her Girl. She lives near me and she needs to get out of the house a bit, I think. Girl might not agree with me, but she will read this and tell me, I guess! Girl likes to write, so we will draw and write together.


Sally Parnis, 2010


1/Adam Geczy “Always Incomplete: On the Virtuous Weakness of
drawing”, Australian and new Zealand Journal of Art, Vol 1, No. 2, 2000 p199

2/Hélène Cixous “Without end, no, State of drawingness, no,
rather: The Executioner’s taking off”, Stigmata: Escaping texts Routledge,
London, 1998 p 28.

3/Adam Geczy  op cit. p200


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