artist:Renee Ugazio


location:Liverpool Street, SASA Post-Graduate Studios, Peel Street, Adelaide

event:Expanded Spatial Practice Symposium, September 2009, Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010


artist statement:


Jewellery hand made process is at once a physical engagement with material, and at the same time a temporal act brimming with nuance and symbolism.  This work investigates re-citing jewellery process, specifically filing or sanding.  Almost every act of jewellery making is punctuated with filing or sanding. Cut, file, sand, solder, pickle, sand,

It is a process of wearing away, removing, coercing, it is multiple and recurrent.

This work was bourn out of a jeweller’s perspective and inspired by a text by Fabio Morábito.


"A file works by persuasion; it reduces the force of assault instead of intensifying it.  In place of one strong jab, it resorts to a host of weak prods, one after the other, which attack in an orderly fashion like an army of ants, with more monotony than passion".
Morábito, Fabio, Toolbox, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 1999


Renee Ugazio 2009





re-citing: map Expanded Spatial Practice Symposium


demonstration - between Melbourne and South Africa


documentation - between Melbourne and South Africa


between Melbourne and South Africa


basement door Peel Street


bannister Peel Street


audio detail Peel Street






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