artist:Lyn Wood

description:"Local Time" - ongoing site-specific painting project

location:Peel Street, Adelaide & the River Murray

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010






artist statement:

The river is the raw material from which I work

I have sought to paint colours that momentarily hang in the air eliciting the phenomena of collapsing light on the sky, cliffs and river. Here, there is an elusive sense of the ordinary as extraordinary at play...

I have not painted from memory or as a visitor but as an insider, one who feels, works and experiences the river as it is in front of me. I am trying to understand how all the small parts fit together, trying to see this process and visually describe it. The river is an immersive otherworld. My paintings are an index of an elemental and grounded experience. Through process, I have built a raw and immeadiate surface, translating shifting transient light into the materiality of paint.

The main body of my work is an involution of colour, time and space, because the weather/light conditions are inseparable. In order to create my canvases I made numerous colour swatches, painted en plein air, recording elementary data empirically.

As a visual field of three rectangles these paintings represent the experiential truth of recorded bands of embedded colour, repeated in shapes that unify the sky, land and water, rather than a strict formalist strategy

These are not snapshots in paint, but a carefully nurtured dialogue about light and the passing of time, the epic of the river, the rise and fall of water levels and the rhythmic renewable pattern of the natural world.

Painting in a series elicits attention. Ineffable colour combinations speak of elemental truth and integrity of intent. This coloured series, like the river, may transport the viewer, like a flow chart; detailing the acquiescing of colour. I believe the strength of my paintings lies in their integrity, that is, I have not "tweaked" the hues to fit in. They are as they were.


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