artist:Julie Henderson

description:interdisciplinary installation

location:Peel Street, Adelaide

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010




artist statement:


Air conditioner (2008) is a functioning model for a thermo-acoustic refrigerator(TAR). This emergent technology will ultimately enable ecologically sustainable air conditioning and refrigeration using contained highly amplified sound waves to create cold air. In this model the sound and speaker are sealed inside the Perspex box for listening comfort. The cold effect can be felt by gently touching the plug at the top of the model(at maximm efficiency for this model, a derease of 15 degrees C is created). Sound composed by Julie Henderson from music and voice samples provided by Peter Harris, South Australian School of Art Technical Officer.



The model was built with the advice and expertise of Richard Pateman and Associate Professor Anthony Zander from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Adelaide University.


Julie Henderson 2010









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