artist:Joe Felber

description:memory drawing, photography & collaborative installation

location:Peel Street, Adelaide...somewhere in the back-streets of Adelaide & Zermatt, Switzerland

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010


(photo credits: Joe Felber, 2010)



curator's note:above is a detail in close-up of a mountain drawing by Joe Felber titled "Speigel Im Speigel" from an installation I curated in 2009 titled "after the goldrush"...the following is an excerpt from our email conversation paraphased in the catalogue essay, printed in May 2009 by the SASA Gallery, University of South Australia:


March 20, 2009 email from Joe...notes about the work: the presence of the mountains, the joy, adrenalin and physical risk embodied in reaching thier heights. The photographs, he writes, affect the drama of sublime presence recaptured: an attempt to fix, to record this presence, this "sheer beauty". These mountain outlines might recapture the proximity of danger, but are also iconic to his homeland, their familiar, loved contours increasingly under threat.1 He cites Cezanne´s reputed comment "One has to hurry if one wants to see something. Everything disappears". Attached to the email are images, one of them a close up of a small, framed holdiay snap: his partner (long before they met), as a very young woman smiling inside of the view, the iconic Matterhorn looming in the distance behind her. In conversation later that day, he tells me this record of ther past prompted the series of Alpine photographs, taken while on an extended stay in Europe alone, her distant presence a reverberating echo unregistered but connected across space and time within each framed view. He will make a large drawing, transferring copies from one of the photographs onto gessoed plywood. Tracing line and shadows of light; the resulting image a memory trace rather than reproduced ilustration, a substantial shadow figuring both the potency of recall and the loss of physical substance... emulating, he writes, "an alpine symphony by Richard Strauss(1911) a tone poem for orchestra "


1/Joe Felber cites Professor
Martin Beniston, Friburg University, Switzerland, who claims 50-90% of current Alpine glaciers will have disapperared by the end of 21st C.




view:installation detail | somewhere in the backstreets of Adelaide


for the Peel Street installation,I have placed a photograph from the series, one that hangs in my home: just as it is at home...mountains of ironing encroaching daily on the table below...emulating the outlines on the peaks above



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