artist:Hannah Harms

description:ongoing participatory project

location:pretty much anywhere

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010



curator´s note:

I'm calling this an art project (to me that's what it is...) but for Hannah (my daughter) its just something she does...

she never wraps a present in disposable paper

or buys a card

instead, she uses fabric she´s picked up from an op shop, or has left over from taking up a hem

& ties it up with wool

or a ribbon she´s been given

& writes her message in texta on the material


she will tell you,

when she gives you the present

to use the fabric again...wrap up a present for someone else

the image above is her giving me a present (my birthday, September 2008)...I did what she told me to (I think its a great idea)...I cut it up and wrapped a couple of presents in it that Christmas


click on the image and you will see Sasha giving me a present the following Christmas wrapped in the same fabric


view:visit this site again to contribute your own "instructions for (better) living " via a Twitter page...still to come



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