artist:Elizabeth Hetzel

description:Breathing Space/forest installation and photography

location:Peel Street, Adelaide & Seedling Art Space

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010



artist statement:


Breathing Space/Forest Forms


   response in Blackwood forest


A sense of place is the intermingling of inner and outer geography, the space between the physical workd and the interior world of intuition, thoughts and feelings.

A tree hole, a hole where a tree once grew is a way into this place. Casting the negative form before it fills with forest, I capture a space, a moment, a pause. A forest form.

But it is the permeable skin between the inner and outer aspects of place that I capture pushing up from below and pressing down from above. A between space that breathes. Breathing place. Breathing space.



Elizabeth Hetzel







hole: Seedling Art Space

Breathing Space



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