artist:Anna Hughes

description:process drawing project: installation

location:Peel Street, Adelaide

event:Format Collective's Visual Art Program, Adelaide Fringe 2010








artist statement:

Words for Little Weeds exhibition


This work began in secret. It was something I did almost every night, a compensatory act which allowed me to settle an ongoing subterranean discomfort which permeated my body and was released through twitching fingers. They performed, these hands, repeated patterns, exacting a methodology limited by a pack of textas and a breakfast plate. It worked a kind of magic allowing a restful play to be enacted and this delighted me, yet I could barely share it with anyone for a long time. It was a private, small act of love, innocent of a big idea and something which became a format in which to be: following the echo of colours, lines and the finite form of the circle.


Anna Hughes 2010


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